Why You Should Be Using Beer Soap?

Why on earth would we add beer to soap?
Although, beer soap sounds like a man's world, more women have been reaching for it because of the great skin and hair benefits!

Our beer soaps are perfect for the beer lover in your life. Beer soap does not smell like beer, but it does have the aroma from hops, malt and extracts which is skin softening and soothes irritated skin.
Every ingredient it took to make the beer stays inside the soap, except the alcohol of course.

HOPS - The hops in beer contains skin softening amino acids that help maintain skin’s hydration, texture, resilience and supple, healthy appearance.
These amino acids help hydrate the skin, restore collagen, repair damaged tissue, fight free radicals that cause wrinkles, soothe irritated skin and help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

YEAST - The yeast in beer is hydrating, anti-aging, collagen-producing and brightening. It also acts as an antibacterial agent, reducing breakouts.

B VITAMINS - Beer also contains B vitamins that moisturize skin, can help improve the overall condition of the skin by helping to treat sun-damaged, dry, aging skin and adds glow to your skin.

When it comes to hair, beer shampoo softens, enriches & shines.

Preservatives are necessary in liquid shampoo to prevent mold and bacteria, and bar soap does not need preservatives.  

Silicons create a plastic coating on dry, damaged, color treated hair to make it look and feel healthy, but it’s an artificial band-aid. It's hard to rinse off, so it stays on the hair shaft.  If you have been using commercial shampoos, they are basically detergents that create bubbles.  The buildup on your hair is not being reinforced & your hair doesn’t look healthy as the coating breaks down. After the transition period is over, the bar soap repairs the hair.

So head over to our beer soap and shampoo page to grab one or a entire six pack! 

Cheers, partner!

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